Architect: Frank Shirley Architects

Landscape Architect: Ed Sharkey Associates

Contractor: Equibuild

Engineer: SJG Engineering

This new home is the centerpiece of a stud-farm estate near London, England. The design weaves the vernacular forms of the region with the rigorous and disciplined vocabulary of Renaissance classical buildings. The result is a house composed of a variety of shapes, all rooted in the deep history of classical geometry and proportion. The volume, windows and roof shapes are carefully scaled to ensure the house will rest quietly in the landscape. The facades are balanced but not symmetrical, an influence of the picturesque. The front entry aligns with a long avenue that gently rises to meet the house. The procession is one of growing expectation, culminating in a refined manor house that looks warmly back on its arriving guests, its front door beckoning welcome. This house, when completed, will be dignified and timeless, and constructed in the spirit of artisanship that has shaped so many beautiful buildings of the past.