Architect: Frank Shirley Architects

Contractor: Kistler & Knap Builders

Engineering: SJG Engineering

Photos: Randy O’Rourke

This home sits in a lovely neighborhood of early 20th century Revivalist houses, and our client had fond memories of the Tudor Revival home in which he grew up. The Tudor language would be that which this house would speak, inside and out. Out of the ashes arose this home with its bold, public façade standing proudly with other refined homes of the neighborhood. Old world materials and methods, forsaken today to save a dime, are embraced. The new slate roof will not need replacing for at least a century. Three coat exterior plaster will never suffer the easy bruising of modern stucco applications. Inside, the kitchen is the heart of the home, and the floor plan is open. Natural light is aplenty with windows that are large and abundant. All cabinetry, trim, and mantelpieces are designed in support of the overarching vocabulary. This house is set to please generations of owners.