Reviving a Revival

This stately 1913 Colonial Revival home underwent a significant but poorly executed interior renovation in the 1990s. Outside, the west porch was infilled with stucco walls and small windows, and a charmless entry door replaced the original.

We undertook a comprehensive interior renovation and restoration of the exterior. Our team addressed the 1990s changes that did the building harm. Outside, we replaced the stucco infill at the porch with tall windows that extend to the original porch columns, creating a transparent conservatory. We designed a custom door for the entry that is both formal and inviting.

We made one design change to the front elevation, replacing a mulled window with a single window that finishes the rhythm and symmetry of the facade.


  • Cambridge Historical Commission’s 2023 Preservation Award


  • Architect: Frank Shirley Architects
  • Contractor: F.H. Perry Builder
  • Interior Design: Mandarina Interior Design
  • Landscape Architect: Michael Wasser Associates
  • Photos: Randy O’Rourke