We hired Frank Shirley Architects to design and rework a couple of additions to our home while creatively integrating these into a cohesive whole. Frank excelled at achieving a finished product that looked original and authentic, as if he had either designed it originally or the house had never required modifications and additions. The exterior and interior both feel original in scope, charm and detail. Having lived in the home for fourteen years, this was a huge relief to come home to all that was new and feel that it was indeed our beloved home. We have received numerous compliments on our home’s beauty and even an unsolicited offer to purchase! Kudos to Frank Shirley Architects and Landmark Services. We would hire this team again in an instant.

Client – Marshfield

I have an apartment in an historic 1850’s brownstone in Back Bay, and I wanted to replace the spiral staircase that ran between the two floors of my unit with a regular set of stairs. Frank Shirley successfully designed the job in a way that met all code requirements, while operating in very constrained space. Moreover, he worked with me and my wife to come up with a plan that retained the historic integrity of the apartment, and adhered closely to our express intent to make the finished product look like it had been there since the building was first built. Frank was absolutely outstanding in listening to our demands and balancing those against what was required to get the job completed.

Client – Boston

We love how the house is coming out. The exterior is terrific. We continue to get very nice compliments from all the neighbors and walkers that watched the transition. They really appreciate the look and care taken to preserve the original style. With gratitude,

Client – Marblehead

In his book New Rooms for Old Houses (The Taunton Press, 2007), architect Frank Shirley chronicles the restorative transformations of several examples of period architecture. One project, an 1880s shingle-style beauty, was rescued by a massive restoration that brought the home to a place possibly better than it ever had been.

Fine Homebuilding Magazine

Frank Shirley is a purist. According to him, “Colonial” is a meaningless term in architectural lingo. And he would know. He wrote the book on renovating historical homes. Literally. It’s called New Rooms for Old Houses. He’ll get hot under the collar if you ask him to replace your old windows, yet you’ll adore him when he lavishes love on your centuries-old edifice. He’s dogmatic and occasionally difficult, but to prevail on contractors to build the old-fashioned way, he’s gotta be.

Boston Home Magazine

To do a restoration right, you need serious historical knowledge, something Frank Shirley has in spades. Whether he’s completely reviving a Newburyport mansion or lifting a roof to add a third-level living space, the author of the book New Rooms for Old Houses knows how to insert modern amenities into ancient structures without compromising their period appeal. If you’re missing the home’s original 1810 staircase, he’ll design one that even purists would swear is authentic.

Boston Home Magazine

We couldn’t be more thrilled with our experience with Frank Shirley Architects. Our remodel/addition was challenging to say the least, with multiple elevation issues and peculiar issues to be resolved on our 100 year old home. From conception to completion of our project, everything moved along in a very precise manner and the results are stunning! It was a very enjoyable relationship!

Client – North Andover

Frank Shirley architects helped us with a total renovation and addition to our 1754 farmhouse. Everyone at FSA was very professional down to every last detail. Frank is an expert in the restoration of old homes and really knows his stuff. He helped us to realize all of our goals for our lovely home while maintaining the historical charm.

Client – Needham